Muhammad Siddique Qureshi, a renowned and prominent Indian Islamic scholar & social commentator was born on 5th March 1951 at Chalisgaon in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state in India union. Because of his extraordinary approach towards learning and teaching Quran over the period of three decades he has ardent followers across India and particularly in city of Mumbai.

Believer in self learning:

In an era where educational degrees are given priority for choosing a life path, Siddique Qureshi, after completing SSC chose to focus on self learning through mentoring. He invested his entire pocket money in buying books on Quranic Arabic, Various Tafsir of holy quran, and authentic reference books on hadith. His mentors for the self learning were eminent Islamic scholars.


Siddique Sahab as he is fondly known among his friends and followers has a multi role and responsibilities.


  1. He has been a member (Rukn) of Jamaat I Islami, Hind since 1973 and an ardent follower of its founder Maulana Sayyad Abul Ala Maududi and the philosophy propounded by him.
  2. General Secretary, Idaara Daawatul Quran established by renowned Islamic Scholar and his mentor Shams Peerzaada, this institution located in Mumbai spreads awareness and facilitates towards understanding the teachings of Quran & Prophet by means of undertaking various publications on the above mentioned and similar topics.
  3. Founder member of Islamic Education Centre (IEC), in the year 1992, with an aim to facilitate & guide school & college students in the field of education for a successful career.
  4. Member of the Shura (Advisory Council) of Jamaat I Islami, Mumbai Maharashtra.
  5. Founder member, AL Falah E Millat Education Trust under whose auspices were established two organizations AL Mominat at Kurla in Mumbai (1988) & AL Mominat, Thane (1994) both these organizations cater to and work dedicatedly towards upliftment of girl child with a special emphasis on her education.

Religious Projects:

Marathi translation of Quran: He headed a team of dedicated scholars and workers on the project to translate the holy Quran in Marathi language under the auspices of Jamaat I Islami Maharashtra, Marathi Section. This very enormous and important project reached its completion stage after 9 years of dedication and hard work.

Social Causes:

Siddique Sahab headed Ideal Relief Committee set up for relief and rehabilitation work for people affected by floods in Mumbai on 26th July 2005. He under his able leadership successfully mobilsed in a period of 3 months a task force for this purpose as a result of which first a survey of approximately 25,000 families was done in a methodic and professional manner post which relief to the tune of INR one Crore and Forty Five Lakhs was distributed among those effected by floods out of which an amount of INR Sixty Five Lakhs was benevolently contributed by the state government. This endeavor was appreciated by one and all including the state government of Maharashtra.


  1. Counseling: He has since 2010 also imparted counseling to individuals, families institutions etc, his counseling’s are with an Islamic perspective and in the light of Quran and hadith. During this period he has successfully counseled/resolved close to 200 cases involving individuals, families etc... Siddique Sahab expertise is counseling with islamic perspective in following domain:
    1. Personal counseling
    2. Family counseling
    3. Pre-post marital counseling
    4. Depression & Anxiety
    5. Old age counseling etc.
    He strongly advocates and inculcates a positive attitude towards life with an emphasis on Quran and prophetic teachings.
  2. Religious Teachings: Siddique Sahab, has devoted his entire life for learning and teaching Quran. Till date he has delivered more than two thousand lectures on various verses of quran. Currently he devotes maximum time learning and teaching quran. His Mutalla e Quran sessions are a regular feature in Mumbai and other places in the state of Maharashtra.