Since we are non commercial organization you can help us in achieving our objectives by agreeing to any or all of the following:-

  • Sponsor the new edition of any one of our pamphlet for free distribution. (Minimum 25 copies)
  • Sponsor free distribution of Tafseer Dawatul Quran. (Minimum 5 copies)
  • Help us in creating our state of the art website by your donation
  • Your Zakat and donation for overall or specific objectives of Idara Dawatul Quran
  • Your contributions may be directly sent to Idara Dawatul Quran or through cheque in the name of,

    Idara Dawatul Quran

    Contact person:

    Muhammed Siddique Quraishi (+91 9820790615)

    General Secretary

    Idara Dawatul Quran - Mumbai - INDIA