"To launch campaign amongst Indian Muslim to understand the Quran while reading it."

"To publish Quran translation in various Indian Languages such as Urdu, Marathi, Gujrati, Hindi besides English for free circulation."

"To organize understanding the Quran lectures / discussions throughout Mumbai and certain other place of Maharastra"

"To make use of technology to popularize the understanding of Quran by uploading various lectures and Tafsir of Quran"

"To establish an exclusive research center on Quran, providing for reference various Tafsir and translations in various languages"

"To create an atmosphere of understanding, mutual respect and cordiality by publishing translations of the holy Quran with commentary in various languages particularly in Marathi"

"To publish books of Hadith and Seerat in Various languages."

"To publish and distribute Islamic literature FREE especially the translation of the Holy Quran with its commentary"

"To establish an Islamic Centre for the following purpose":

  • Teaching Arabic language
  • Islamic Library
  • Reading room
  • Quran study circle
  • Research work on Quran, Hadith and Fiqh
  • Symposiums, lectures, and conferences